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Our mission

Rockmann’s philosophy from its conception has been to create clothes made of materials that are robust and of the utmost quality. Training clothes that could withstand rigorous use without compromising on their longevity. As a consumer we want you to buy less but better products, products that survive fast fashion, keep its quality and can be used in different contexts. It makes us happy when our customers tell us that their Rockmann products are used during workouts, at work or at home. In other words a great example of sustainable use of a sustainable product!

​Our focus is not only on materials and a production process that makes a small carbon footprint. It is just as important for us to collaborate with partners that offers good working conditions to their employees and offer transparency during the whole process. This philosophy is non-negotiable for us and emphasizes our commitment to always strive to do our best. This is why our products are priced higher than other products. Because our supply chain comes directly from the factory without the need for other suppliers, we can still offer competitive and reasonably priced products.

At present all our products are made of bamboo viscose.This means that through the use of chemicals the cellulose from the bamboo plant becomes textile fibres used to produce our clothes. 


Our story

Jan Eirik Mathisen is the creator and man behind the brand «Rockmann». He grew up in Sørreisa in Troms, but now lives in Stjørdal, where the company was founded and where this journey began.​ ‘Rockmann’ was chosen not only because it implies strength and endurance, but because it was the name of Jan Eirik’s grandfather. «I wanted my company to have a family-related name, but one that could be used in various contexts and elicit positive and motivating vibes.’

Jan Eirik has always loved sports. However, after being introduced to CrossFit, a new passion and love was found, one that he knew would be enduring. But finding training clothes to meet the rigours and intensity of CrossFit proved to be a challenge and so the concept of Rockmann was born. A clothing line that would be functional and comfortable during hard workouts but would also keep its form and quality after frequent use and washing.


Bambus tre


Bamboo binds up to five (!) times as much CO2 as a tree and produces up to 35% more oxygen. Bamboo has no need for artificial fertiliser or irrigation (other than from rain) to grow. Producing small amounts of plain cotton, for example, requires several thousand litres of water. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world and can, among other things, grow up to one metre a day. The rapid growth, together with the absence of fertilisers and irrigation, makes bamboo one of the most sustainable materials in the textile industry.

Bamboo symbolizes strength and longevity. Our products are made of bamboo viscose, which goes well with Rockmann's desire to offer you quality clothing with just that. Strength and longevity.

Some of the benefits of bamboo viscose:

  • Breathable and absorbs sweat

  • Feels soft and comfortable on

  • Cools you down when you are warm and keeps you warm when you are cold

  • Feedback from customers: bamboo does not smell even after a hard intensity work out

Bambus tre
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