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A classical slimfit t-shirt with v-neck. This t-shirt is without a doubt slimfit. It is a perfect choice for hard workouts, but also when you just want to look good! The 96% bamboo viscose makes it feel soft and comfortable with a nice stretch. This is the t-shirt you just need to have more of.

Slimfit t-shirt

SKU: 0007
Color: Black
  • Model: 185 cm wearing size M. Feedback from customers: this one is small in size.


    96% bamboo viscose and 4 % elastane.

    Bamboo viscose has breathing qualities and absorbs moisture efficently which makes it a perfect choice for physical activities. Clothes made of bamboo feels soft and nice. Wearing Rockmann clothes gives you a feeling of comfort as Rockmann adjust to your shape both when you are doing workouts and sitting down

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